Pregnant Woman on Couch

Fees & Services

In office. In home. Virtual



Educate. Motivate

Prenatal consult

1.5 hrs Refresh & Review for your upcoming birth           $80.00

Private prenatal

3 hrs Prepare & Plan for your upcoming birth                 $120.00

Group workshops

12 hrs Confidence & connection for your pregnancy, birth and postpartum                       $260.00


Initiate. Celebrate

Postpartum consult

1 hr Debrief and process your birth story                     $80.00

Follow up session $60.00

Parenting a newborn 101

3 hrs Confidence & connection for parenting a newborn

Bring your baby!                                                                   $120.00


Confidence. Connection

Holistic lactation consult

1.5 hrs IBCLC support & services for infant feeding issues. Specializing in TOTS(tethered oral ties)   $80.00

1 hr follow up consult   $60.00

(average lactation course of care may include 2-6 visits)

Prenatal consults

1.5 hrs Prepare & plan for getting breastfeeding off to the best start       $80.00

Group breastfeeding workshops

6 hrs Confidence & Connection for your breastfeeding journey              $140.00