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10 things about... ENDORPHINS

1. Endorphins are hormones secreted by the brain and adrenal glands through nerve fibers to the spinal cord

2. Endorphins have a pain relieving effect 10 times more potent than morphine

3. Endorphins contribute to the shift from thinking/rational to more primitive/instinctive mindset

4. Endorphins can positively alter the memory of your birth experience 

5. Endorphins pass to the baby enabling a kind of pain relief and sense of well being during labour

6. Endorphins increase as oxytocin increases through labour and birth and can last for a couple of weeks after

7. Endorphins can be increased during labour by vocalizing, movement,meditation and other relaxation methods

8. Endorphins also contribute to something called 'runners high' or 'birth high' in birth. Just when you feel you can do anymore, endorphin level increases

9. Endorphins passed from mother to baby are crucial in babies first moments of breathing and promote bonding

10. Endorphins are greatly reduced when epidurals are used

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