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10 things about... preparing for a normal birth

1. Preparing for a normal birth requires knowledge. Learn all you can about what you need for your birth. Take an independent prenatal class that will help you prepare for your birth and becoming a parent.

2.Preparing for a normal birth requires practice. You are preparing for the most intense experience of your life. It will use your physical, spiritual and mental abilities. Practice your relaxation techniques and comfort measures daily. If you have a partner they can practice supporting you with massage and positive affirmations.

3.Preparing for a normal birth means upping your health quota. It's time to be aware of what is going into your body and what your doing with your body. Nutrition, movement and posture should be at the top of your list. Eating healthy and non processed foods will benefit you and your baby during your birth. Movement everyday will help prepare your body for the strenuous task of labour: walking, yoga and dancing are just a few of the many options. Remember your posture: keep positions that encourage your pelvis to be tipped forward and keep upright as much as possible.

4. Preparing for a normal birth gives you the opportunity to get creative. You may enjoy learning a new hobby, drawing, writing poetry, learning a new way to dance. Get to know yourself and what you love to do.

5. Preparing for normal birth can be a great time to read, read, read. There are many positive books out there that are full of great information to answer questions and give you ideas. Look for books that encourage you to trust your body in birth.

6. Preparing for normal birth means filling your head with positive birth stories. Don't watch t.v. shows that show only births that are full of interventions. Talk to relatives and other woman who have felt excited and empowered from their birth.

7. Preparing for normal birth means you are willing to wait. Avoid induction when the only indication is that you are past your estimated due date, baby is "to big" and other non evidence based indicators. Trust your body is not broken and labour will start on its own. Stay at home for as long as possible during early labour.

8.Preparing for normal birth means knowing the right questions to ask. Learn about informed consent and bring your BRAIN. B:what are the benefits to what your saying; R:what are the risks; A:what are the alternatives; I: use your intuition ; N: I need time to think about it or what if I do nothing

9. Preparing for normal birth takes work and may change your whole life. It doesn't stop at birth but can carry over into how you parent. This isn't just for you but for your baby as well.

10. Preparing for normal birth means surrounding yourself with a great support system. Hire a doula! Having an experienced labour support person can help you have a satisfying birth experience. for more on what a doula provides visit my website and learn all about doula's. 

Happy Birthing!

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