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prenatal education gets an upgrade

i am working on the next phase of prenatal education for nurturing expectations.

starting in September 2020. between now and then i plan to do a couple of free online mini workshops. here is a tidbit on the plan.

these courses will be a mixture of online and in person.

these will be designed for expecting women and their partners

these will be ideal for women in their 2nd or 3rd trimester, but you are welcome to join anytime during your pregnancy

the price for these course will be reasonable and i will be offering an introductory price and payment plans options


this 3 'trimester' courses will be offered 3 times a year. each trimester is 13 weeks long. 'students' will receive assignments/activities monday-thursday with a video meeting on friday. we will have 4 in person groups during this time, where participants can meet face to face if local.


part 1 will cover pregnancy/prenatal information

some of the topics will include: nutrition, movement, routine tests and procedures,

place of birth and birth support, birth physiology, partners and more.

part 2 will cover labour, birth and the first few days

some of the topics will include: comfort and relaxations measures for birth, normal

normal birth, interventions including cesearean and vbac, newborn, the placenta and


part 3 will cover postpartum, new baby and breastfeeding

some of the topics will include: preparing for the postpartum, discomforts and

healing postpartum, what to expect from your new baby, relationships, mental health

and more.


this course will have multiple avenues of learning from the workbook, which will be included, to book studies, videos, audio and more.

i am excited to be bringing you this new format and hope that it will help prepare you for the amazing journey of pregnancy and parenting.

stay tuned as i role out more information over the coming months!

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