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November 12, 2018

I was going through some old notes from some workshops/seminars and a few things stuck out at me. I would like to share them and hope maybe something will stick out from you. I have included some of the names and organizations that talk about the mother-baby connection and why it is important to think about the baby's experience during pregnancy, birth and beyond.  Birth wisdom- random thoughts BABIES · Babies are functioning at a 6X – 10X slower pace than we are; a slower pacing = healing · Mother-baby interactions are extremely complex and precise; we should not be interfering with mom and her interaction with baby · Mom needs a moment after birth- a big pause is a big integration piece; Mom needs to claim her baby · Baby’s senses are being turned on, baby feels everything without filters, feels more exquisitely and is taking in new information · Even the baby needs a moment- coming out is a big deal · Everyone in the room needs to take a moment and take a breath · We need to reframe birth for mothers. To give them a chance to be aware that birth is not just about ‘not feeling pain’ or ‘getting away from it’ but it is about the baby and their experience and how it impacts their lives · There is a sequence of behaviours in birth, a labour blueprint. Much like the Embryological blueprint that happens as baby grows in utero. It unfolds whether you think about it or not. Within that blueprint is a sequence, a template; it is happening even if we don’t think about it or do anything about it. · Pauses- big piece of work occurs during a pause; then it is on to the next phase- the pattern is building before the next phase · Think about integrating what has happened up until that point-then you can move forward in the sequence · Babies pause, integrate and breathe at birth before the next step to find the food · Removing baby from mother interferes with the optimal natural stimulation to the sensory organs and the brain · The sacred hour is building brain architecture, basic structure and relationship with others WOMAN · Labour pattern; contractions- build, big work, rest, integrate, repeat · Drugs that amplify labour are overwhelming to the normal pattern · Growth comes from a place of rest, during labour and in the moments after birth, rest is just as important as other processes · Being emotionally present can help bonding between mom and baby · Repair happens in the first hour- slow down, rest & feel safe · Regardless of what happens at the birth (which you can’t control)- the hour begins when mom & baby are together- the repair can begin anytime- prepare for this hour · Take a breath- drink-take a moment after each activity to take a breath · Deep relaxation helps slow the pace of the baby · Know the babies learning cues · Baby is completely conscious and aware · Take fetal love breaks during pregnancy to connect with baby · We do what we experience, we learn from our experience and repeat it · Always make space for reconnections-that is repair Building empathy from birth · Grounding and slowing down will help to connect · Differentiate what you are feeling from what baby is experiencing · Listen; Babies are telling you what happened; Babies are always showing you their story by how they move and act · Talk to baby; Prepare baby for what is to come. · Ask permission before doing anything ‘to’ baby; Tell baby what you are going to do before you do it · Tell your story: Telling story is how we make sense of what happened; our story is crucial for healing to occur · Self attachment; it is part of how we organize ourselves · Do everything with love · It is their story not your story; Repetitive behaviour is story, repeatedly being told and trying to get heard · Our job to hear, acknowledge and apologize; we can learn and teach empathy by doing this Recognition

Myrna Martin- birth & attachment

Prenatal Bonding(BA) theory

Brazleton theory (Dr. Kevin Nugent)

Betrice Beebe MD

Normal Fed

Nicholas Day

Diane Weissberger

Rayhen Philips

Ann Fry

Gordon Neufeld

Alexander Tsiaras

Karen Strange

Nils Bergman, MD

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