Prenatal Education

“The birthing journey requires us as women to get back to a sense of life basics where our connection to intuition and instinct are normal, rather than a forgotten means of expression, when implemented in pregnancy and labour, the birth dance enables a woman to connect to her feminine source without fear or shame.”

 ― Maha Al Musa, Dance of the Womb

This is foundational prenatal/postpartum education. It is facilitated by doula and educator, Winona Morland. In addition to covering the essentials offered in every prenatal class, Winona specializes in Ttouch, Rebozo, movement, optimal fetal positioning techniques and natural remedies. Winona is also an ICBLC(international board certified lactation consultant), trained in birth support, placenta encapsulation and earth-friendly parenting teaching topics

such as baby wearing, cloth diapering and gentle parenting.
As a birth worker, she is specially trained to provide evidence-based information, physical comfort and emotional peace of mind to parents prenatally, during labour & birth and in the immediate postpartum period.

Designed for pregnant women to attend with their partner or a support person. This series is ideal if you are looking for an  alternative to public health-led classes, as it encompasses a more holistic approach

to childbirth that honours parents as life givers.

These sessions and classes will help prepare you for the physical and emotional aspects of labour, birth and the postpartum period using various philosophies and techniques. Active participation, discussion, practice of various labour coping techniques (e.g., breathing & relaxation techniques), videos and

labour ‘practice’ are all part of the learning experience.
These sessions and classes can help you prepare for the birthing journey,

find a roadmap and fill your toolbox with helpful resources.
You will take an active role, integrating your new knowledge and skills through engaging and innovative exercise.

 I can answer questions and give tips and ideas for your upcoming labour and birth. This is available at anytime during your  pregnancy. For early pregnancy it is a good way to figure out what the next months will look like and what you can do to help have a healthy pregnancy and birth. For late pregnancy it may be

a refresher for what to expect and answer questions for your birth preparations.

Preparing for Birth and Beyond 
These classes can help you prepare for the birthing journey, find a road-map and fill your toolbox with helpful resources. You will take an active role in the class and integrate your new knowledge and skills

through engaging and innovative activities and education.

Evenings 6-9pm  $260
Weekend intensive prenatal workshop
This condensed Birth & Baby workshop takes place Friday evening and all day Saturday, and helps prepare you for the birthing process and taking care of a newborn. You will learn comfort and relaxation techniques, how to make informed decisions in your care and more.

Friday evening 6-9. Saturday 10-6 $160

Breastfeeding Basics
This 1-day workshop will explore breastfeeding from history to troubleshooting in the early days. You will learn how to get breastfeeding off to the best start and how to meet the needs of your newborn.

Saturday 10am-6pm $140


Online prenatal classes

This is a foundational prenatal/postpartum class. From pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and postpartum you will find tips, ideas, and tools to help you prepare for your journey. Taught by experienced doula, childbirth educator and IBCLC Winona Morland. Throughout the 12 lessons you will learn about creating wellness for pregnancy, preparing for labour and birth, and thriving in the postpartum period. By focusing on the unique and individual connection of the motherbaby you will find out what is important to you and learn to find the resources and confidence you need to grow, birth, and feed your baby. Each lesson comes with guidebook pages, a video lesson, and a prep/plan/practice section to help you get the most of each section. Students will also have access to a weekly group video chat to ask questions or review lessons. You can work at your own pace, but the suggestion is to do either a lesson a week or take a few days between lessons to journal, absorb, search and practice.