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Education is moving over to 
NorthStar Perinatal Center!

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Online prenatal classes

This is a foundational prenatal/postpartum class. From pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and postpartum you will find tips, ideas, and tools to help you prepare for your journey. Taught by experienced doula, childbirth educator and IBCLC Winona Morland. Throughout the 12 lessons you will learn about creating wellness for pregnancy, preparing for labour and birth, and thriving in the postpartum period. By focusing on the unique and individual connection of the motherbaby you will find out what is important to you and learn to find the resources and confidence you need to grow, birth, and feed your baby. Each lesson comes with guidebook pages, a video lesson, and a prep/plan/practice section to help you get the most of each section. Students will also have access to a weekly group video chat to ask questions or review lessons. You can work at your own pace, but the suggestion is to do either a lesson a week or take a few days between lessons to journal, absorb, search and practice. 




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