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Birth is not only about making babies. It's about making mothers~
strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and
believe in their inner strength.
-Barbara Katz Rothman

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Serving Lloydminster and area since 2008

 Hello! I am Winona I have been serving women in pregnancy and birth for almost 15 years. As an educator I shares the knowledge that has been passed down from generations past and shares updated evidence based information to help women and their families make decisions and choices that are best for them and their baby. As a childbirth support specialist(aka doula) I have supported families as they have birthed and fell in love with their new baby. I validate what women and babies go through on their journey and supports them as they learn and grow together. As an IBCLC(international board certified lactation consultant) I work with the motherbaby dyad to assess and provide therapies that will enhance the breastfeeding journey. Specializing in the infant airway and TOTs (tethered oral tissues).  I help motivate families through prenatal, birth, postpartum and breastfeeding consultations. Sharing information and tools that will help build confidence and connection for the family. As women and their families learn, grow and make decisions they are initiated into a whole new stage of their life and journey. I celebrate the woman and mother through offering sessions such as raindrop technique, rebozo sessions, belly binding sessions and ‘closing the bones’ ceremony.  It has been a blessing to serve families over the years and I look forward to meeting you as you begin your journey.

Mother and Baby

" The Times They Are a-Changin' "


This seems to be a season of change. If I have learned anything over the last couple of years, it is choosing what is important and focusing on that. What really makes me feel able to fulfill my calling or purpose? What is important for me? Where do I want my heart and focus to be? Going through grief changes your perspective on life and all that matters. I realized that I didn’t take the time I needed to grieve and to grow and to prepare for the next season. I have been trying to really listen to my heart and be open to what God wants for me. This may sound like a good-bye but it is not. I still love what I do but I feel a need to take this winter season to shift. I want to be able to have the time to focus on and care for the families I serve. I want to complete my projects, including writing more, finishing up courses I am taking and making and taking time to breath.


What will this look like?


For clients?

 Continuing education and support. At the moment I have no more availability until late spring/summer 2024 (but message if you would like more info)

For other services it will be limited times and mostly offered online


For classes/workshops/training?

Over the fall and winter I will be doing some free video classes and the occasional zoom class/meeting. I will plan to roll out a whole new format for classes next spring.


I am working on getting cohort two started for the perinatal and infant support specialist, online. As well as some in person training, starting in January


For lactation support?

 I will be offering limited online clinics/consults, book your time and I will help with breastfeeding questions/concerns. We will see what spring brings, I am putting it out there that I would love to have office hours again 😊



I look forward to gathering for the wise woman circles(message me for more info and dates) as well as connecting with other groups and women around our province(s)

I will work on keeping you up to date on social media and through that newsletter I keep procrastinating on 😊  subscribe at


Nona’s place?  Keep an eye on my store for new and updated products


Social media:



Instagram: @northstarpeinatalcentre  @nurturingexpectations 

Coming up




And so, on with the journey I go.  

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